David Henderson

Tell us about your background

I grew up in the rolling hills of county Wicklow in the small village of Ashford. I went to East Glendalough School. I played for Wicklow Rugby since childhood I left Wicklow to live in Dublin after college. I played football for Balinteer St John’s for two years and then decided to return to rugby. I teach 5th class in the Glebe National School.

What made you want to join Stillorgan-Rathfarnham RFC?

I wanted to join a club close to where I lived. I saw the club were recruiting players via signs around Marley Park so decided to join.

Who is your favourite teammate?

I couldn’t pick one they’re all special in their own ways.

What’s the best thing about Stillorgan-Rathfarnham RFC?

The tight knit community.

Who will you be supporting at this year’s men’s RWC? Who do you think will win?

I will be supporting Ireland.

I would love to say that Ireland will win but don’t want to curse it. Maybe France or New Zealand…

Any advice for people looking to get into rugby?

It’s not a sport that you can play half hearted. If you’re sitting on the fence of commitment and dedication you’ll get knocked off it very quickly.