Colman Stanley

Tell us about your background

Dublin man. 28 years of age. Been in the club since 2015/16. Work in sports journalism.

What made you want to join Stillorgan-Rathfarnham RFC?

Had mates in the club . Wanted to get back into rugby in a friendly environment .

Who is your favourite teammate?

Padraig Shanahan

What’s the best thing about Stillorgan-Rathfarnham RFC?

Friendly atmosphere. Hard working people behind the scenes aswell making it a very well run club.

Who will you be supporting at this year’s men’s RWC? Who do you think will win?

Ireland. Australia.

Any advice for people looking to get into rugby?

it’s not that difficult. Don’t give up possession cheaply , learn how to secure a ruck and you’ll be better than 95% of players.